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ECOCUT pro increases the service life and quality of your wiper blades and helps to protect the environment!

Use it even longer:

1x 3-pack replacement blades for only ECOCUT pro €11.95


Cutting individual wiper blades with ECOCUT pro

ECOCUT pro increases the service life and quality of your wiper blades and thus helps to protect the environment.

– Make wiper blades reusable with precise cutting
– patented cutting technology “Made in Germany”
– restores a clear view
– quick and easy to use
– protects the environment by reducing waste

Product details
color: green/white
Suitable for: all common car wiper blade brands
Material: ABS plastic

Contents: 1x ECOCUT pro incl. cleaning sponge and instructions in a plastic bag

International delivery: 4-7 working days

64 reviews for ECOCUT pro

  1. John

    Simple to use and worked perfectly.Paid for itself after the first use.There are 6 cars in my household so it will be well used .

  2. Rajinder

    Brilliant item , no unnecessary changing of wiper blades any more.

  3. Mike morgan

    Great product,does exactly what it says

  4. Mike morgan

    Great product,does exactly what is says

  5. George Taylor

    Fantastic tool that does as it says.. Highly recommended..

  6. Stuart Rae

    Did exactly what it said it would. I was sceptical, but was straightforward to do. Be careful at the ends, you may need to tidy up with scissors, but first cut went well all round on car

  7. Dave

    I wasn’t sure, but glad i bought one. Easy to use and restores wipers to new, a simple but brilliant product.

  8. Louis

    Had a small issue with it on one use. It was leaving lines on the windscreen after a cut. Not had the issue since in any of the other cars I have used it on though so most likely user error! Awesome little product and produced savings already for a load of people.

  9. Steve Telford

    Great product, does exactly what it says 😀

  10. Stu Linsell

    Great product does exactly what it says

  11. Baz

    To be honest I was a little sceptical at first, however once I had a friend translate the German instructions ,it was a really easy gadget to use and it will eventually save you a few quid by not having to change your wiper blades so frequently, I’ve even done my car and all my relatives and colleagues cars.

  12. Malcolm Wilcox

    5 out of 5

    Very clever product, couldn’t recommend highly enough.worth the money

  13. Jim

    Was skeptical about it, but have used it and it works well and now so do my window wipers.

  14. Ali

    Left a line when wipers were on so ended up getting new ones anyway

  15. Steve

    Front wipers was very good, but on my rear wipers the result wasn´t perfect.

  16. Bill

    I was skeptical but it worked well.

  17. Leonard

    On my car it worked very well. No more stripes.

  18. Nick E.

    Impressed – does what it said – save you a lot of money!

  19. Simon

    Very clever product, couldn’t recommend highly enough.

  20. Jack L.

    WOW this is genuinely brilliant.

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